EX-School Teacher Makes $135,797 in 12 months sending postcards.


I had a phone call from an agent in California yesterday
and it was very interesting.

He said over the last 12 months he averaged over $135k
in commissions sending out postcards and then having
a graduated college student call back all the people who
received a postcard and say the following:
(Goes something like this as I remember.)

Hi, Helen this is Mary with Senior Benefits here in
Sacramento. I'm calling because we send you a Pink
postcard the other day telling you about a new state approved
final expense plan that's available in your area.
In addition, we offered to deliver you a free "Peace-Of-Mind" Kit
that can help protect you and your love ones.

It's a service were providing to our community and there's
no cost for the kit.

So, our field underwriter is going to be in your neighborhood
this week dropping off these kits.

We want to make sure you receive this valuable kit.

Are mornings, afternoon or evenings best.

How old are you now.

What's your current address.

One last question, in case you get this plan who

would be the beneficiary like your daughter, spouse or son?

Thank you so much and our local field undewriter will be in touch.

The telemarketer calls 3 hours a day from 5 to 8pm.

If no answer she gives out a website they can visit like

Final Expense Sales Page.

Also, he focuses in on females and somedays he gets

5-7 people for the following day or that week to drop

off the kit.

This same concept could be used for any insurance 


The agent who told me his story got this marketing strategies

and sample postcard from one of my 200+ marketing strategies

He also, uses a speed dialer like http://www.goldenprospector.com

This allows him to keep tract of the hours his telemarketer works

and she can leave an automatic recorded message that drives them to 

a special website.

She is highly trained to get the confirmation to hand deliver the 

"Peace-Of-Mind" kit.  He pays her $20 for every in the house presentaton.

Some weeks he averages a 1400% ROI.

Check it out at http://www.UltimatesellingSystems.com

Go forth and prosper,

Russ J. Jones

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agency check out http://www.TaxFreeretirementAgency.com 


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