Agent has a 1237% ROI Selling Term Over The Internet!


How To Sell Insurance While You Sleep!

“How A Texas Insurance Agent In A Wheelchair Made

$515,000 Last Year giving Quotes Over The Phone.”


Please note: This system is for agents who are tired of chasing leads all over your county and like the idea of selling from the comfort of their home. Plus, wanting to make a six-figure income by “Selling While You Sleep” all-in-one software.


Today 52% of all insurance is sold over the Internet.


The days where an insurance agent can run around his county trying to give 3-4 interviews a day is becoming almost impossible for most agents.


Agent Averages 6-7 Quote A Day Over the Phone.

I know an agent who averages 6-7 quotes a day over the phone on a good day.  Yes, he spends lots and lots of money on telemarketers who send  “Life Transfer.”


The Big Problem Today!

Today, everyone has voice mail and caller id they hide behind so it’s hard to book appointments.


If you sell mortgage Insurance that’s a night time business and your lucky to give two interviews a night.


For agents who sell health insurance with all the changes being made today you have no idea what the future holds for you. It’s almost impossible to make a six-figure income.


Annuity agents are faced with lawsuits, regulator problems and the DOL rulings. One agent I spoke to last week was charged back on a 10 year old annuity policy. He couldn’t believe it! The application in several states can be 30-40 pages long. (Insurance companies need to cover their butts and not yours…I know it’s hard to believe!)


If you sell final expense insurance you do have daytime interviews, but you get beat up by charge backs. You’re at the mercy of the lead provider. I’ve seen 2-3 weeks where no leads would come into the office. You’re unemployed unless you have another lead source.  Don’t doubt me on this…


Not to mention the cost of each lead costing you $37 and the cost of gas and wear and tear on your car. A top final expense agent today needs to invest $2500 a month just in leads to make a six-figure income.


This is why the average lazy agent today only makes $50,000 or less per year. Most agents don’t reinvest 25% of their commissions back into marketing.


However, There’s A Better Way


According to Bill Levinson managing partner of Levinson and associates. If you want to remain top of the mind and maximize your sales, then you need to embrace how your clients do business.


Like it or not, times are changing, and 90 percent of your market is online. Eighty percent of your prospects would rather buy online and skip the human interaction if at all possible.


Now with the newest technology your prospects can become your clients and buy from a multitude of insurance products directly from a website, giving you the credit and commissions for every product sold.


Want proof! If you go into a restaurant most people are on their cell phones and are texting or surfing the net.


Now please understand…


There’s nothing wrong with you still being a pioneer and wanting to market insurance the old way. You can still scratch out a living.


But, pioneers got arrows in their back trying to homestead.


Hi, my name is Russ J. Jones and I’ve been in the insurance marketing business for 35+ years and I’ve seen the Good, Bad and the UGLY in the business.


I must admit that over my insurance career I did 100% of my selling of insurance face-to-face. Averaged 12-17 interviews a week and worked my butt off in the field. Build up over a million dollars in renewals.


Sold 2500 senior life plans in 10 years. Sold a total of over 4,200 insurance policies in 25 years.  Did 31 million in annuity sales in 11.5 years. Trained in my car 240-wannabe insurance agents. I would never do that again…practically killed me.


I’m the creator of the “3-Step-Postcard System”, . System.


My current system is an All-in-One Software package for “Selling While Your Sleeping” called “Ultimate Six Figure Sales Funnel.”


Ok, that enough about myself…


I talk with agents everyday and my main question is how many appointments did you have last week. The answer 85% of the time is “will last week was a bad week and I only had 3 appointments and that’s why I’m calling you…I need to change my marketing strategy.”


Yes, I understand what agents are going through today. It’s getting harder and harder to book appointments with people. People are so busy they don’t want to spend an hour talking to an insurance agent.


My answer usually to them, “that’s fine if your spouse has a good paying government job some where.”


But, there’s a better way for agents today to make a six-figure income without even leaving their house.


Now I’m not saying to quite what you’re doing now. Just add another profit center to your practice.


Agent has a 1237% ROI On Selling Term Over The Internet


One agent below told me about his great ROI.


For example: A Texas agent who is in a wheelchair from an accident did $515,000 in COMMISSIONS in 2015. All done over the phone and the Internet. He buys 1500-2,000 aged leads a month and turns them over to his assistant and she “Power Dials” them and deletes the deadbeats, flakes and bad phone numbers.


She qualifies the good leads and transfers them to the agent where he has gives them a quote using a term quote engine.  He gets 5-7 transfers a day and closes his share of them.


Ryan from NC last month wrote 55 applications over the phone and he works from his home based office from 9-5 M-F.  Now he has 3-4 telemarketers outside the USA transferring live calls to him daily.


J. Root I read has over 3,000 clients and 99% was sold over the phone.


Nic W. sold over 6,000 policies and never met clients face-to-face. Wrote in 7 years $10,000,000 of target life premium using a term quotes software.


Had an agent from Florida tell me he had two sales come in automatically after 11:00PM “While he was sleeping!” Yes, this is a 24/7 business.


The secret is using the new 21st century technology that is available today.


Here’s how it works…


We customize and maintain several lead funnels where all the

Leads and prospects can now easily and automatically capture, market to and sell – using customizable lead funnels and using  drip campaigns proven to increase sales – to anyone who has responded to their social media post, visited their website, received a text message, ring less voicemail, dialer call or clicked on an email.


They’re automatically added into your CRM system.


So, if you want to send out a drip campaign specifically to people who ran an online quote but didn’t buy, you can! Want to follow up with an online purchase to see whether they would do better with another product? Piece of cake!


And if you want to follow up on prospects that opened an email you send but took no action, you can set up a unique campaign for that too!


We can even design your sales funnel to help you with up sells like for selling term with an up sell to an IUL.

Also, for agents who sell final expense we can design sells funnel that will do the selling for you with out you getting evolved.


Now let’s look at some of the benefits of our “Ultimate Six Figure Sales Funnel.”


Just go here to learn more.



God bless,


Russ Jones


P.S. Call me with questions at 435-881-7138

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