Final Expense Leads: Advisor Sells 55 Applications In One Month Over The Phone...


 NC advisor sells 55 applications in one month over the phone and Internet...doing what you aren't!

FROM: Russ Jones

Can you imagine having prospects going to a special website and signup for insurance and you never
speak to them...yet you get the commissions. This might be an additional profit center for you
while your out pounding the pavement looking for prospects.

How One Lazy Agent Makes A Six-Figure Income
Selling 5-12 Life Insurance Applications a Week over
the Phone Using Our $13.00 Real Time Leads.

This is an excellent additional profit center for you in 2019.

  • Another agent made $515,000 in commissions in 2017 and $497,000 in 2018 never left his house.
  • Nick West sold over 7,000 policies over the phone. Never met clients face-to-face.  In 7 years wrote $10,000,000 of target life premium.
  • California Agent had two people sign up for insurance after 11:00PM while he was asleep.
  • Learn how a NC advisor wrote 55 applications in one month all over the phone.
  • Jeff Root sold 3,000 clients and 99% was over the phone.
  • Learn How to Sell Term or Final Expense Over the Internet and you never speak to anyone or use our quote engine to give out quotes.

Advisors can literally 
“Sell Insurance While Your Sleeping.”
They simply get a custom link, post it on a special website we create for you and have 1-4   telemarketers from India calling for $3.00-$5.00 per hour and all they do is send traffic to your custom website like

You do absolutely nothing while consumers apply online, get lightning-fast approval and receive their policy, which is mailed within 48 hours. Then a few days later you get your commissions wired into your bank account.


Go to:


Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

P.S. Learn how to make your phone ring with new customers.
This are not typical results for a normal lazy agent. The above advisors work their butt off and invest thousands of dollars in their practice.


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