7 Ways To Double, Triple Or Quadruple You Production In 2020.


“7 Ways To Double, Triple Or Quadruple Your Production Starting In 2020!”

I was speaking to an Insurance agent a while back and he asked me what I would do to build a base of 10-12 Insurance appointments per week. All must be started on a shoestring budget and where you can reinvest at least 25% of your commissions back into more postcard mailings and lead lists.

So, here’s the ways:

1. Golden Prospector - I would sign up for the Power Dialing, email blaster, Text message, CMR and voiceless recording that will dial  2-3 hours a day. I have several scripts to use including Annuity vs. CDs, final expense, life insurance, final expense, and health insurance quotes.

For more information go to http://www.GoldenProspector.com/vip

2. Postcard mailing 50 postcards- Ok, if you’re on a shoestring budget I would suggest you mail 50 postcards per week and use my phone presentation to follow up behind the leads. The three magic words for the presentation are to responded, apologize and promise. I also use 6 power phrases to increase my appointment setting percentage. I recommend a good quality list of CD, IRA Holders, investors, widow leads or affluent Americans with assets over $250,000. For more information, you can go to: http://www.ultimatesellingsystems.com 

3. Newsletter to all my prospects- I recommend you mail out at least 100 newsletters a month to a quality list of IRA holders or CD Holders. The cost is about $60.00 per 100. We’ve had some great results using the newsletter. If you would like to see a sample of our annuity webpage and sample newsletter go to


4. Call behind the postcards- I recommend you call at least 20 people a day and using my phone appointment or door approach script. To view my script go to:


5. A small ad in the local newspaper on the weekend - Below you will find a sample ad that I pulled out of USA Today newspaper a few years back. This ad has been running once a week usually the Friday newspaper for 8 years. I was told he has sold millions from this ad. Hopefully, you can get a few ideas from this ad. When I responded he sends me a Priority Mailer that had an illustration of $100K and an application. 

Image 002

6. My top 10 clients would receive a hand-delivered newsletter with a loaf of bread on major holidays. I would insert a “tell-a-friend” insert which has a place for 6 names of local neighbors and friends who would like to receive a free monthly newsletter. In addition, you always enclose a return envelope and a 45 cent stamp. Some members offer a gift certificate of $25 to a local restaurant. I have countless members getting 5-7 referrals per week using our monthly newsletter. Again, you can review a sample over at http://www.instantclientattractionsystem.com

Seriously, if you’re looking to average 15-17 interviews a week and you're on a shoestring budget I recommend you check out my $500-A-Day-Widow-Postcard-System. I personally made $1,289,000.00 in commissions and renewals. It may work for you.

Go to http://www.finalexpensemillionaire.com

7. Marketing Assistant works three hours a day for four days a week. I’m always telling members you need to work on your business and not in your business. What I mean is if you’re dialing for dollars on the phone your working for $8.00 per hour. You would be much better served to have someone calling three hours a day and you’re out on a $500 appointment.

Sample Classified ad for a weekend newspaper.

Appointment Setter, Marketing Assistant need for a busy marketing office. Hour plus bonuses, work from home and three hours a day. Call XXXXXXXXXXXX

Phone Presentation

Hello, is this _______________.I am calling on behalf of the Senior Benefits Group.

Were contacting concerned seniors in your area and offering a free consultation with one of our Insurance Educators.

The Insurance educator name is _________ and he is an expert in the following areas with over 15 years of experience.

How to Reduce or eliminate paying taxes on your Social Security.

How to earn triple compounding on CD’s and other savings without risking to the principle….In fact this tax deferred savings plan has been average about 8% interest over the last decade.

And finally, possible to show you how to increase your retirement income by up to 20%.

Our records indicate that you qualify to receive this valuable free consultation on reducing your Social Security tax, avoid costly probate and possibly doubling your interest income on CD’s and Money Market accounts.

Now, ____________ usually charges for this service, but he is doing some community service work and is offering a 20-minute consultant FREE.

Now how does (name a day) look for you? Would mornings or afternoons be good for you? (Mornings…) Ok, would between 10:15 AM to 11:00 AM. (Afternoons) Ok, would 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM be good?

Optional: A final comment…We have found this information most beneficial for seniors having assets to protect, not including your home just your liquid assets such as SAVINGS, CD’S, IRA’S STOCKS, BONDS, AND RETIREMENT PLANS VALUED AT $25,000 OR MORE. Would it be safe to say that your liquid assets are $25,000? (Wait for response)

 This information would be very beneficial for you, and (name _________ ) will be their (name day) at (time) to sit down with you and your spouse to explain the information.

OPTIONAL: If possible on his first interview it would be important if you had available you last year’s tax return, Social Security Information, and any statements of your investments. He could quickly see if you paying too much in taxes and where he can increase your retirement income.

Mr/Mrs.___ I have your address and city listed as____. What is the nearest cross street? Are you in town or out of town?

You have a pen handy, I would like for you to write down the rep’s name; he will have proper identification when he arrives at your door. He will be there day, date, and time.

BONUS: For agents who are tired of driving all over the state chasing down deadbeat leads. This is for agents who would like to sell 6-8 applications a week working from their home.  Check out http://www.DigitalInsurancePractice.com

Thank you.

Russ Jones

I hope you get a few marketing tips from this letter.

Questions on marketing please call my personal line at 435-881-7138

and let's discuss your current marketing campaign.


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