Final Expense Leads: 7 Secrets Of Top Producers You Can Use in 2019.


Final Expense Leads: Secrets Of Top Producers You Can  Use In 2019.

I was reading an article in Insurance Net News by Robert Arzt.  Here's an over view you can use to build your insurance practice in 2019.

  1.  Curiosity -Top salespeople are naturally curious. The consistently ask themselves. "Is there a better way to do this?" They are also very inquisitive when speaking with their clients and prospects.
  2. Follow-up - Top producers are aware of how difficult it is to obtain a new client and how easy it is to lose one, especially through lack of effective and consistent follow-up. After the sale, they have a well-defined written-out process to keep in touch.
  3. Master of time- Top producers are great time . They go way beyond it. They are ruthless with their time.
  4. Passion- Top producers are passion about fulfilling their mission and vision. They are enthusiastic about helping their clients achieve their goals and leaving them in a better position then when they first met. They are always striving to be their best. Check out my marketing system at 
  5. Sense of urgency - "Do it now" is the motto of top produces. They don't put things off until tomorrow, and they get lot done in a day.
  6. Life-long learning- Top producers are always looking to improve themselves and their businesses.  Professional development is high on their list of priorities and this goes for their staff as well.  Need more marketing strategies go to: 
  7. Goal setting- I'm adding this one...Without goals and setting priorities the chance of you becoming a top producer is very low. Set your goals of at least 3 interviews a day and you will be successful.

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones


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