The $1500-A-Day Lead System


“Amazing Secret Discovered By A 63 Year Old Crippled Southern Florida Agent Adds $1500-A-Day To His Income…Eliminates Cold Calling And Everyone Calls Him For An Insurance Quote, Virtually Overnight!”  

 A while back I received a phone call from Dave a Southern Florida Insurance Agent and he surprised me by saying he was doing telesales buying "Live Transfers" plus Facebook ads and actually was following my strategies found in the “Ultimate Six Figure Sales Funnel System” and just had his best day of $1500 in gross commissions selling over the phone.  

This is an amazing story I want to share with you.  

 He said, “due to divorce his wife and her attorney took everything he owned and was almost left homeless for a short time. Luckily he had his cell phone and credit left on several of the credit cards he had in his business name. He was recovering from cancer treatments that left his legs weak and his nerves and muscles in his legs made it so he couldn’t really drive a car safely.  

It took him several months of steady work to turn things around and he rented a one-bedroom basement apartment in a middle-income neighborhood.  

So, he was surfing the Internet one-day last year and he came across my website about "Selling Insurance While You Sleep," and "How To Sell 6-8 Policies A Week From Your Home." He quickly decided this was exactly what he needed to do. Talking and selling on the phone was easy for him. He had done telesales in the past and he knew he could be on the phone 8-10 hours a day. Plus, he had several companies who did E-applications and had access to a term quote engine. 

 He needed to turn his horrible situation around and get back on his feet. That night he signed up for the “Ultimate Six Figure Sales Funnel."  

 It included two websites one for term quotes and one for final expense. It also included a sales funnel and 10 emotional video Email series auto responders for the non- buyers.  

 He needed cash NOW!  

The following story is in his own words.  

 I decided to buy "Live Transfers" in the five states I was licensed in and using a simple script for giving quotes. These leads were available in our system. He said, I already had access to an insurance quote engine with the “10 Top Insurance Companies.”  

Surprisingly, the first 10 "Live Transfers" I received in a day and a half I sold 3 term policies for a total of $1550 in advance commissions. I was excited because I knew if I kept following the system I could make that daily and a lot more.

Using our "Social Media GOLD Course" learned how to advertise on Facebook and using our term quote sales funnel to generate leads for $5.00-$10.00.

Started doing the “3-Step Postcard System” with the headline that offered $500,000-$1,000,000 term quotes and mailing out bright Yellow postcards to business owners, professionals and the wealthy income prospects using your list source. I started buying “Live Transfers” leads and appointments from several sources you gave me on a weekly basis. My ROI averages over 1350%. My closing average was 33% to 40% and I was having some days of making $500-$1,000 per day.  

I was licensed in the states of NC, SC, CA, WI and OH. This allowed me to get the large flow of “Live Transfers.” I was averaging for every 10 “Live Transfers” making a minimum of 3 sales for $1500 in gross commissions. I thought this was a “no brainer” for a profit center.  

This was all done in my little one-room basement apartment and a cell phone and laptop. Again my best days are when I gross $1500 in advance commissions minus “Live Transfers” and still netted out around $1200 a day.  

 Then all the prospects who didn’t buy on my first call would drop their first name and email into the 10 emotional Video series where they can buy either a term with “100% No Agent Involvement “Sell While You Sleep Products.”  

 I had two people buy over the weekend one late night while I was sleeping. The system had been dripping on them via email and the emotional videos.  

Ok, I hope you enjoyed that story from a down and out an agent who turned it around who will probably make a “Six-Figure Income” over the next 12 months. $1500-A-Day Lead System may help you by adding another profit center to your current business. 

For more information and get our $1500-A-Day Formula and a special video go to

Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

P.S> Questions on marketing give me a call at 435-881-7138.


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