100% Zero Involvement "Sell Insurance While You Sleep."


This is 100% zero involvement "Sell While You Sleep" Products. Also, if you want to do "Term Quotes" you need Access to our Term, IUL and final Expense Quote Engine.  It's the best one I've seen. 


Then you will need web lead pages, funnels build, 7 auto responders, domains purchases ,SEO,  hosting and follow up dripping system done for you. We do all this for you.

Plus, hooking this all up to the insurance companies link.

Here's a few examples http://www.term27.com   http://lowcostinsurance1.com   


Here’s a program for future BIG HITTERS.


New!!! $1500-A-Day Appointment & Sales System. This is where you sign in to the program and you get "Live Transfers" that have been highly qualified just for you. You need to be licensed

in 5-7 states and the cost is about $33-$35 per appointment. Get licensed in 10 states and the cost is about $30. Closing rate is about 40%. Up to 50% for top agents.

This is where you want to be when you have $500 to invest. We give you $200 credits to start. Thus, if you get 10 leads per day and close just 33% with average commission

of $500. You would gross $1500 a day minus $300 for leads. This program is really for agents who want to make $6,000 per week net.


Sample here how it works.  See Sample How The System Works.


I do all that over at http://www.ultimatesixfiguresalesfunnel.com The cost is either $97 per month or if you pay annual it's $497.00. (Best Deal)

On the annual you get 2500 niche leads for either selling term, final expense, or IUL's. (Value $397) Plus, access to unlimited  business leads with our Lead Generator Finder.


Or you can try and do all yourself and spend 20-40 hours learning web design and programming and still have to pay a minimum of $60 per month for these hosting services. I also, know website

Developer’s in India who can do this for $999 to $1500 and take about a week or so. Some language barriers and problem with internet connections, time zones, social and sales skills. 

(Don't doubt me on this...believe me I know!)




You can use http://www.goldenprospector.com for speed dialing, text messages, ringless voicemail, emails, auto responder, etc. The cost is $97 per month

and I pay for your minutes, ringless voice mail and text messages.  (Which can add up fast if you're successful.) You get 5,000 credits a month for email blasts.  You can buy 2-3 system for $97 each.

Keeps track of the hours, listen to the callers and leave personalized messages. Demo http://www.goldenprospector.com/getsales    The system does a ton of things so there is a learning curve, but excellent videos to study. 


I have my friend in the Philippines whose name is Cris and he only charges $97 per month to run this system and train any Filipino telemarketers I get. You can use him for your system.  The telemarketers only

charge $3.00 per hour and you get what you pay for at that price. Going to http://www.onlinejobs.ph  you can place an ad for $45 and you will have dozens of resumes.


You can get some highly qualified people that may charge $5-6 per hour.



****DONE FOR YOU MARKETING  (This is the best for agents who have money or credit on their credit card)


Buy $17 leads for mortgage insurance, final expense, IUL's.  All qualified and verified. Plus exclusive to you only. Closing rate averages 33-40%. 




I hope this helps.


Let's make 2018 your best year,


Russ Jones


P.S. Questions call me at 435-881-7138


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