“How I Made a Million Dollars Using Postcards To Sell Final Expense and Annuities.”


“How I Made a Million Dollars Using Postcards To Sell Final Expense and Annuities.”


I found that just short of a dozen years working the Final Expense and Annuity market using postcards and working niche widow leads.


I would mail 40-50 Pink postcards per week in a neighborhood. The postcard stated that I would be hand delivering my “Peace-of-Mind Kit.”



This allowed me to average 3-4 interviews per day. In addition, I was

In line to build an agency where I had other agents working my postcard widow lead system.


I determined through research that 65% of all final expense plans were sold

to widows. Single woman according to the Government control over 17 Trillion dollars in assets. Thus, they’re great for safe investments like annuities.


My magic phrase after giving a presentation was, “Oh by the way  Mary where do you invest your money and what’s your average return on your money.


My two biggest cases were $487K and 365K. I wrote lots of small cases.


Worked widows with incomes of $20K to 60K. Also, using my referral system I averaged 2-3 referrals per interview.


I found I was buried in buying $37 leads. I could spend $600 a week just in lead costs. That is deducted from your commissions.


My widow lead system only cost $25 per week and I could work a small grid areas.


If you’re looking for another profit center I suggest you check out my

website at http://www.finalexpensemillionaire.com



Go forth and prosper,

Russ Jones

P.S. Questions on lead counts and marketing strategies call us at 435-881-7138.



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