Agent makes $24,257 for just Two hours work.

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“Are You Sick and Tired of Getting Ripped Off by the Outrageous Costs of Qualified Leads. Amazing Follow-up Phone Approach Nets One Agent $24,257 for just Two hours of work.”


I seriously want to hear from you on this…

It’s kinda driving me nuts.

A member of mind recently shared an interesting marketing strategy for instantly increasing his cash flow. He was totally frustrated with being ripped off from those Internet leads, appointment setting companies, $2700 Tear Out Mailings and those stupid Social Security Update Leads that prospects think their getting an increase in Social Security benefits.

Here’s what he did: During an afternoon lull in the workday not too long ago, a member in the Southern States realized he had nothing urgent on his plate that required immediate attention.

So he picked up the phone and called a referral who he’d been playing phone tag trying to book an appointment.

During the chat that ensued he happened to mention an article in a client newsletter on “How to create a ‘Tax Free’ income to your heirs and a living legacy.” he was thinking about mailing out to his clients… and his client expressed immediate interest.

But, hold on...

Of course this agent was doing a very low key sales pitch he had learned in our “3-Step Postcard System.” Just referring to an interesting article in our monthly client newsletter.

His client asked for him to mail a copy and the agent said he would be glad to…But he thought it would better if he just drove it by and dropped it off to discuss the financial article in person.

Of course, the non threatening approach triggered an appointment.

The best part…It triggered a sale.

But wait. There’s more...

Just got this email today while writing this article.

My newsletter that I sent out last month; out of 400 send, I got 14 leads and closed $162,000 in sales to existing customers, plus I am picking up another $112,000 today. The key was the bullet points I used on the right side of the newsletters, most people read to the right. Also everyone had something good to say about closing the newsletter with a senior joke. The cost of the newsletter was $238.00. Best return I ever got.

Mike E. Smith, MO.

It's amazing what some of our members do in production when they have a steady tract to run on.

Now back to the story

So this member made another call, out of the blue, but this one was to a prospect who hadn’t granted him an appointment…after some brief small talk, brought up his client newsletter and an article in the newsletter. That prospect, too, wanted the article and newsletter and he booked an appointment using this phrase:

"I would be glad to mail you the newsletter, but I would really like to just drop it off at your house and would it be a bother if I shook your hand.” The prospect said, no problem."

Now there’s a five star tip for you.


Very interesting.

No pitch. No hard sell. Just wanted to give a copy of the newsletter face-to-face.

Just a casual mention of his client newsletter netted him two appointments.


But wait.

There’s even more...

So this member picked up the phone again…

Long story short… He spent a couple of hours calling random numbers on his “hot list of prospects, clients and a few referrals”… and made $24,257. For a few hours of soft work, just chatting with prospects about an article in his monthly client newsletter.

There’s a couple of lessons here.

The power of the phone — when done RIGHT — is astonishing. Most telemarketing sucks, because it’s impersonal and insulting. Many classic telemarketers live off a fraction of a percentage point in sales, and fully expect to piss off many times more prospects and prior customers doing it. It’s a numbers game… and in some markets (where filling up a list with new prospects isn’t a problem, and losing old customers isn’t a sin), it sorta makes economic sense.


I loathe impersonal telemarketing myself…but what I just outlined is very low key approach to talking to prospects on the phone.

And yet…

The phone can be a great tool for getting stuff done.

But outbound telemarketing is a vile thing, in my mind. Yes, it can work. So can armed extortion. Doesn’t make it a good marketing tactic.

Side note: The concept of using our client newsletter is a fantastic marketing and referral tool. We have a “Tell-a-Friend” insert that many members use for referrals. Our top referral getter last year received over 700 referrals from prospects and clients who return the form to his office. Of course, this member had placed a return envelope with a 41 cent stamp on it. (People felt obligated to write names on it because of the stamp attached)


What he did wasn’t telemarketing. Not by a long shot.

Instead, what he did was to reach out and touch a few folks. And it was him on the line, in person and full of personality… not one of his underlings or — shudder – some hired phone goon.

It was a real call.

Now, I’ve just given you an amazing approach anyone can use if you have your own newsletter.

Check out our website and client newsletter at

Just a side note: I have some members who actually use our client newsletter and website as a key marketing tool and get 10-20 names of prospective client every week.

Makes you think.

Now, for those big shot agents who seat in their office day doing paper work, the idea of getting on the horn for even a short afternoon spurt is appalling. Especially if you “waste” time shooting the breeze with people.

That’s why the $24,257 — for a little over two hours soft-work — is the punch line of this story.

The bottom line…

Savvy agents know that the human element is always there, regardless. Robots are efficient, but buying decisions are emotional… and last I heard, any empathy you percieve in that recorded voice (”afterward, you may hang up, OR press pound for more options”, like I need her friggin’ permission to hang up…) is completely phony.

If you have a list, you can probably identify the red-hot core of it — where your best and most loyal clients reside.

And if you can honestly say that you — as the family advisor — are a big part of the appeal of being on your list… then you should consider this lesson carefully.

No, you can’t spend every day chatting on the phone. That’s not Operation Money Suck.

But every so often… perhaps even on a semi-regular basis… a few hours spent reaching out and touching could be very, very lucrative.

Something to consider..

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