Agent Held Hostage for 24 months released...

Annuity leads - Insurance Leads and 157 Marketing Strategies and Tips"

Newsletter #29

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“Insurance Agent is Held Hostage and a Prisoner for 24 Months and is Finally Released...Writes over 3 Million in Annuities using Postcard Dripping System.”


I've found that the real secret to marketing is to continue to drip on your prospects. I've seen up to a 6% response on sending the same postcard or letter to the same prospect over a 3 month period. I also like to put a "Second Notice" and then a Third Notice" stamp on the postcard. Remember, frequency builds trust! The first time you dated your wife you didn't ask her to marry you, did you? It took a number of contacts and dates, didn't it!

That's exactly what I'm talking about with using our "3-Step Postcard System" and our "Monthly Client Newsletter."

Email note

Here's a GOLD Metal performance from one of our members from Ill. R. Fara

Hi Russ

June was a great month...$120,000 in commissions.

$68,000 for July,

Oh, by the way something must be going right.

For August I am at $207,000 in commissions.

This is the second largest month of my 20 year career.

My first largest was $327,000.

Russ, Thanks for your help...


About 15 months ago I was giving a prospective member some advice on marketing and he was talking about how he felt he was being held a hostage or prisoner by using the Home Office marketing material.

In fact, the only campaign he had tried besides the Home Office material was he paid for some very expensive telemarketing appointments that cost him $100.00 per appointment. He also, paid once for a 1500 piece mailing that cost $2700.00 from a marketing organization in the East. He figured the leads cost about $200 a piece. He also felt that due to his lack of marketing experience he was a hostage to people who would just take advantage of him.

And that's not all...His wife had threatened him that if he didn't make some serious money that he was going to have to get a real job...A job with a weekly income...Can you believe that!

He had visions of working at Wal-Mart a the front door and have all his friends asking why he was working at Wal-Mart and not doing his Insurance business.

Here's a brief overview of 7 marketing strategies I showed him:

  1. He started using our "IRA Rollover Postcard" along with two other postcards and mailed it to a quality list of 401 (k), IRA and CD Holders in his area.
  2. Every person he comes in contact with he gets their email address and puts them into his “Annuity Pro Lead Generating Web Page” and automatic auto responder. Everyone receives our special reports and a monthly condensed version of our newsletter via email. It’s personalized with prospects name and his contact information.
  3. I told him to use our client newsletter and start handing it out to all his past clients and ask for names and addresses of friend and neighbors who might like to receive a free subscription to the monthly newsletter. He includes a "Tell-a-Friend" insert in the newsletter. (Please not: Some members receive 5-7 referrals a week using this newsletter.) In addition, he makes sure every Senior Citizen Center and Doctors office in his community receive copies for their waiting rooms.
  4. He followed my advice and hired a part time telemarketer to work from her house and used my "Award Winning" phone presentation that averages 2 appointments for every 8 phone calls made to a list of affluent widows.
  5. He actually read and applied some of the marketing techniques he found in "3-Step Marketing System To Multi-Million $$$ Production."
  6. I gave him an annuity presentation, marketing strategies and "insider secrets" of a 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producer who spends a ton of money monthly on postcard mailings that help turn him into a 10 million dollar a year annuity producer.
  7. I gave him a powerful "Proof of Success" Postcard strategy that helped him reach "Critical Mass" in his business. In fact, he was able to build a hyperactive house list of 700+ names in just 12 months using our monthly client newsletter and inserting one of our postcards. In addition, he implemented my postcard system using "Host Parasites" to build his in house list.
  8. One final thought: The number one way for you to double or even triple your income in 2010 is by focusing on marketing and implementing your marketing strategies at least 20 minutes a day. Don't delegate this out to some one else.

I’ve also posted a special report for you to check it.

Hope you have a great live and (ALWAYS) bigger commissions,

P.S. Questions on marketing please call my personal line at 435-563-4749

and let's discuss your current marketing campaign.

Creator of the "3-Step Postcard System"

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