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Newsletter #27

“Learn How a Northeast Member Increased his Production during the Holidays by 237%”

Here’s a marketing strategy you can use to turn the holiday season of Thanksgiving and a slow December into a winning month for generating low cost annuity leads and Insurance leads.

Yes, I know that December is notorious for a down month and most annuity producing agents lose from $5,000 to $20,000 in income.

Now, read the following story very closely.

A few weeks ago I was talking to several top members about production and marketing ideas. An advisor from Chicago just had one of his best month ever of $203,000 in commissions,( can you believe that…) another one from the Midwest did 1.6 Million in annuities sales and the third is on target for 20 million in annuities production for the year. Had a member from Texas tell me a clients brother came into his office with our monthly newsletter and said he wanted to rollover $468,000 to a IRA.

Here are some interesting facts. All four of them use our “Annuity Pro Lead Capture Page” and our monthly prospect and client newsletter.

One of these four gave me a fantastic marketing strategy he used last December to increase his production by 237%. And as a holiday gift I want to share it with you.

Here’s his story:

1. He picked out his 10 best clients that had referred and bought policies from him in the past. Last December he made copies of our December client newsletter along with the “tell-a-Friend” insert and a return envelope that had his office address and a live stamp on it. In addition, he pickup 10 loaves of freshly baked Pumpkin Bread from the local bakery. He also, wrote a short personal note that said something like the following:

“Hi Bob and Mary, I wanted to be the first to wish you a great holiday season and a happy New Year. Wanted to give you my December newsletter with some smart money and health tips to make your life easier for the New Year. I’ve also enclosed a “Tell-A-Friend” sheet along with a return envelope for you to write down 6-7 friends in town who would like to receive one of my complimentary newsletters.”

He said he received over 37 referral leads from these 10 clients. Over 10 of them became clients and they referred him to other prospects.

Check it out at

Make sure you contact all the referrals you receive. If possible hand deliver them a copy of the December newsletter and oh yes, a loaf of Pumpkin Bread (Or whatever you like, just make it something good to eat and it’s sealed by the bakery.) Let them know you’re in the business of saving people money on their taxes and that you specialize in increasing people’s retirement by 20%

Give them a certificate for a one hour consultation to review their financial and retirement needs.

A personal note: This advisor actually took my marketing advice, secured a list of 1,000 IRA Holders from my list broker and sends a monthly newsletter to the entire list. I was told that he wrote two of the largest IRA rollovers of his career.

Wait, there’s more…the advisor said our monthly newsletter was the hottest referral tool he had used in 15 years to generate referrals to prospective clients who will buy and refer and pay like crazy.

Our top three member’s I mentioned above have found using the newsletter to be a great referral approach tool for getting new prospective clients. It’s so much easier having someone complete a form for their friend to receive a copy of our newsletter than to have them give you names of friend to go sell Insurance and other financial products too.

For more information on our website and client newsletter go take a test drive over at

This is my marketing gift to you, This single one marketing strategy if used properly, will double your annuity production.

I hope you have a fantastic and profitable holiday season.

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