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Newsletter #11

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"Your Insurance Lead-Annuity Lead HEADLINE For Your Postcard Will Determine 90% of Your Success"

Recently, I was speaking with a member who had purchased are new "Ultimate Total Package" System where he indicated that he was brain dead to the concept of sequential mailing, direct response marketing and especially about having a good headline in his letters, postcards, flyers and ads.

Let me ask you if you feel you're knowledgeable in the area above. Ok, that's what I thought...

I would also add an agent is brain dead if he is not positioning his marketing campaign to go after the $15,000-$30,000 commissions that will be made in 2010 in the IRA/Roth Conversion market.

Did I mention an agent is brain dead if he does not own a list of 401 (k), IRA holders, dentists, doctors and wealthy prospects with assets over $500k, 1MM, and up to 2MM. This is the list where you should be dripping on these prospects monthly to go after those 'Super Bowl' type commissions.

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If you cannot interest someone into reading what you have to tell them, it is highly unlikely they will be not interested in your services. The last thing you should write about at the top of your promotion is something about you or your company. You would not believe the number of advisors who try to do this. At the top of your promotion should be a headline—and something important to your prospect.

Your Insurance lead-Annuity Lead headline for postcard will become your “ad for your ad”. It’s the first thing they see, and it determines whether or not they read on. This is why it is crucial to put most of your effort into your headline.

Below are the elements of a money-making headline:

  • Your Insurance lead- Annuity Lead headline must first of all, ATTRACT ATTENTION. This can be done by using emotion—reveal something shocking or controversial; you can also stimulate their curiosity.
  • Next, your headline should reveal the strongest benefit you can offer them. Before doing this you need to make sure you know what they desire.
  • It must make news. Constantly study headlines of new tabloids and popular magazines and you will realize they all have something “new” that can help you. Do the same for your headlines.
  • Lastly, make your headline specific, clear, and meaningful.

Your headline should always try to create the reaction, “ How do they do that?”

Here's several examples of headlines for postcards I've written for the new 2010 IRA to Roth Conversions coming our way shortly.

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At Last! Uncle Sam has Given us Tax-Free Income

Sweeping New Tax Laws in 2010 Allow Millions of Americans to go from Taxed to…Tax-Free” Income Needed for Retirement Today.

“How to Add Up to $500,000 to Your Retirement Fund –Tax-Free!

Sub headlines, qualifying statements below your headlines, can also be used Below is an example of one:

“Save up to 40% on your Taxes NOW!”

New 2010 Tax Laws and IRS Rulings May Affect Your Assets; Learn How To Keep and Increase Your Assets Now!

A New Break-Through Strategy Teaches You How To Legally Avoid Paying Taxes That Uncle Sam Wants To Take From You

Overall, when creating your Insurance lead-annuity lead marketing for your practice, spend the majority of your time writing your headline. In most cases, this alone will motivate people to call you.

How To Identify and Validate The Emotional Situation Your Insurance lead-Annuity lead Prospects Face

Most advisors are easily tempted to immediately start talking about themselves and their professionalism. This will ultimately lead to failure. The only way to get someone to pay attention to what you are saying is to talk about THEM and their situation they are faced with.

So, how can you capture your Insurance or annuity lead prospects’ attention? By knowing what’s important to them and talking to them about their problems.

You need to find a common connection with the people you want to do business with. Understanding and communicating the problems and desires they face in their situation is the first step in this process.

Next time you create a marketing promotion, get to their emotions and make them feel that you know what they are going through. For example

“Did Last Year’s Tax Statement Make You Want To Scream!!”

And when you talk to your prospect about their frustrations they are facing, they will be more likely to relate to you.

How to Build A Bridge From You To Your Offer

Once you have learned what people want and are able to get their attention, the doors will open up for you. However, if you can’t get them to listen to you up front, all further efforts will be wasted.

You need to create a transition between their situation and how you can solve that problem.

The following is an example of my newest postcard we can mail out for you at $450 per thousand on Yellow card stock. Call me at 435-563-4749 to discuss.

WARNING!If You’re Retired, Soon To Be Retired, Or Changing Jobs, Don’t Even THINK About Making Decisions About Your Money Without Reading This “FREE Wealth Preservation Kit” that Reveals; The 11 Deadliest Mistakes Unsuspecting Retirees Could Make!”

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  • The number one mistake that 94% of all Americans make every day, costing them a fortune.
  • How to protect your assets to make sure you don’t outlive your money.
  • Little known strategy to lower taxes paid on Social Security Income.
  • How to increase your retirement income by up to 20%

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The last paragraph is the transition….after hitting their emotions and relating to your prospect, you give them a solution. In this case, a Wealth Building Kit. You want to make it as smooth as possible, so your reader simply flows into your offer.

How to Make A Specific Offer and Call To Action

Your “call to action” is your close. It is one of the most important components of a strong lead generation promotion, yet so many financial planners’ ads and letters have a wimpy close, or no close at all. In fact, may fail to tell their prospects what to do at all.

In order to respond, people need an irresistible reason to respond. Being vague will never cut it. That’s why statements like, “hope to hear from you soon” or “call me for more information” are always guaranteed to lose you money.

If you want people to read your Insurance lead-Annuity leads postcards and do something as a result of listening to you, you need to:

  1. Tell them precisely WHAT you want
  2. Tell them WHEN you want them to do it
  3. Give a meaningful reason WHY they should do it.
  4. And tell the HOW you want them to do it

A good Call-To-Action will always include the following:

  1. Summarize the offer you are making, even if it is free.
  2. Add on bonuses to increase your effectiveness.
  3. Tell your prospects what you want them to do and make it risk-free.
  4. Show the value of the offer you are giving them
  5. It will handle the objections they may have such as, “no stings attached!”

Motivating Insurance leads-Annuity leads Prospects’ Urgency To Respond

Creating an URGENCY, will supercharge your call to action and make your prospects feel they should act now. This is an essential element to include in ALL your marketing pieces.

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Dedicated to your marketing success and highest response,

Russ J. Jones

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Russ J. Jones

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