Granny Postcard Yields $7354 on First Appointment

"How Our Granny Postcard Yields $7354 on First Appointment"

The Granny Postcard!

The Granny Postcard

Some great news about the Ultimate Insurance Postcard System yields a great commission on first appointment!

As you know, we are continuously upgrading the "Ultimate Insurance Postcard System" with new features and content. We have just added a new mail piece that has been generating leads like crazy.

This is an award-winning postcard with a humorous twist that gets the phone ringing. Mail this card to people that are 65 and over and get leads for a variety of financial products.

The Ultimate Insurance Postcard System has a variety of proven, effective postcards (including the Granny Card) that will get you leads. You can also get targeted lists so that you are mailing only to the people that are most likely too respond.

For more information on how to use the Ultimate Insurance Postcard System call Russ at (435)563-4749. Let's discuss your current marketing campaign.


Russ Jones
Creator of the "3-Step Postcard System"