Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Insurance leads and Annuity leads Questions

  • "What type of Insurance does your insurance marketing and annuity marketing course talk about?"
  • "Why should I specialize in the senior marketing and also the annuity market?"
  • "How long have you been marketing Insurance?"
  • "Why do I really need your "Mother of All Systems" Insurance marketing course?"
  • "I've invested in several marketing course and I didn't get my money's worth. What's different about your plan?"
  • "I need help on my marketing."

Q. "What type of Insurance does your insurance marketing course talk about?"

A. I’ve developed a number of marketing systems such as postcards, pre-approach letters, direct mail and newspaper ads that you can use to generate leads for the senior life insurance, single premium life, annuities, long-term care, and Medicare. We have a tremendous amount of marketing material for the annuity market. However, if you’re looking for estate planning, business insurance, group health, mortgage insurance or complicated three call-back insurance sales, forget it. This is not the course for you!

Q. Why should I specialize in the senior market and the annuity market?

A. I can think of a half dozen reasons why you should specialize in the senior market and especially the annuity market.

First, there are more 54 million prospects over 55 years old. Second, about 85% of these people can be contacted during daytime hours. Third, it’s the only market I know where you can get five to six appointments per day and be home to eat dinner with the family like other normal Americans. Fourth, most of these people have some spend able income and they’re concerned about being prepared for their demise or for their retirement years. Fifth, you can usually make a sale of life insurance or Long Term Care by using the questions: By the way, before I leave when does your next CD mature? This opens the market on annuity sales. Sixth, your compensation is high and the persistency is usually more than 85%. Seventh, all the top agents I know who make from $200,000 to over a million in commissions sell annuities. Average commissions on annuities is $5,650. That's why I have over 10 postcards and 6 reports that are designed for the CD vs. Annuities.

Q. "How long have you been marketing Insurance?"

A. I've been marketing Insurance for over 34 years. I've been helping Insurance agents with Insurance and annuity marketing for over 20 years. I live, breath and sell marketing and enjoy the challenge of helping agents with their marketing campaign. Many of my marketing strategies have come from million dollar producing agents. I'm the creator of the "3-Step Postcard System and I'm considered the "Wizard of Postcards."

Q. "Why do I really need your "Ultimate Insurance System" insurance marketing system?"

A. Well, of course you could try to figure it out yourself. Just as I did. Simply allow two to three years of your time and spend thousands of dollars in trial and error, and you will still be an average agent. I’ve been selling and generating leads for myself and several hundred agents over the last 30 years along with subscribing to a half dozen marketing letters, attending $1,000 seminars yearly and collecting dozens of wallet fattening marketing techniques, ads, pre-approach letters and direct-mail campaigns that have cost thousands of dollars to implement. Yes, we have had some real bombs along with a number of marketing techniques that have made other agents and myself a healthy six-figure income for many years. But don’t you agree, if you can get just one good marketing idea that will generate an extra 50 leads per month. Wouldn't that be worth a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS OVER THE NEXT 24 months in COMMISSIONS for you?

Q. "I've invested in several insurance marketing course and didn't get my money's worth. What's the different about your insurance marketing course?"

A. Hey, listen. I’ve bought dozens of courses costing from $495 to $1,495. Some have been good and others just sit on my shelf. However, I have gotten marketing ideas out of every one of them. In fact, I have a tax deferred letter in “197 Marketing Strategies that made me a ton of money by working the leads part-time. The letter came from a marketing course that only had 20 pages. But, it had this jewel of a letter in it. I know agents today who use this letter and it still pulls over 6 percent. When I used the letter, I always had a 3-inch stack of leads in my front seat. Remember that I have countless agents who have used my course and have increased their income.

Q. I need help on my marketing. I've tried several courses that cost over $1,000 and they didn't work. What makes your course "3-Step Postcard System" and the "Ultimate Lazy Agent System" different from the rest.

A. Our system has been proven to work. We have countless testimonials of success members using our postcards and other marketing techniques to generate sales. Please call my personal office number at 435-563-4749 to discuss your current marketing campaign.